Mortgage Checklist

The following information is usually required during the loan process:

  • Completed loan application
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Current pay stubs or, if self employed, your tax returns for the past two years
  • Bank statements for the last two months – all accounts, all pages
  • Investment account statements for the past two months
  • Life insurance policy
  • Retirement account statements for the past two months
  • Make and model of vehicles you own and their resale value
  • Credit card account information
  • Auto loan account information
  • Personal loan account information

If you currently own real estate:

  • Mortgage account information
  • Home insurance policy information
  • Home equity account information (if applicable)

Things you SHOULD NOT DO when buying a home….

  • Change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.
  • Buy a car, truck or van (or you may be living in it!)
  • Use credit cards excessively or let current accounts fall behind.
  • Spend money you have set aside for closing.
  • Omit debts or liabilities from your loan application.
  • Buy furniture or any other large ticket items cash or on Credit
  • Have ANY inquiries into your credit. New credit Cards or loans.
  • Make large cash deposits without checking with your loan officer.
  • Change bank accounts.
  • Co-sign a loan for anyone.

Always consult with your lender before committing to anything that could affect your loan.

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